Welcome to Betr Health! Our wellness plan is simple and easy to follow.

Most importantly, you will work with your coach every step of the way to make sure you are informed, supported, and successful. Our three-phased approach begins by detoxifying and nourishing your body in Level 1.

The app is where you'll do three essential things every day -- communicate with your coach, review educational content and keep track of your progress. The app is designed as a self-guided tour featuring a series of short video clips, quizzes, tips, and reminders that help reinforce daily communication back and forth between you and your coach. It is important to review the information presented on the home page every day.

The Betr Resources Level 1 link contains educational content designed to keep you moving in a positive direction.  The Daily Self Check and Betr Program selections on the resources page are most critical. The Betr Program contains program materials. The Daily Self check is a diagnostic tool with all the guiding principles to ensure steady progress once you begin. 

Summary Betr Program 

This list of items should be completed prior to beginning day 1 with your coach so you have a general idea of how the program is mapped out and become familiar with all the delicious recipes and food choices available. The more thought you can put into tasks like grocery shopping and meal prep days prior to starting with your coach each week will allow them to help create a plan (if needed) that fits easily around your current lifestyle and schedule. It also identifies any challenges or roadblocks for the upcoming week so that your coach can help you navigate through them. Think of your coach as your project manager, their primary goal is to make sure you are following all the steps required to be successful.  

The prep weekend is designed to set you up for long term success. We recommend starting over the weekend because typically it's less stressful and easier to both shop and complete meal prep for the upcoming week with fewer distractions.  

Unless otherwise recommended by your doctor, during these 2 prep days you will begin gradually increasing your water intake to about 60-80 ounces, which is essential for flushing fat and toxins from your system. You will also start logging your digital weight, sleep, mood, and measurements so you are familiar with the chat box and daily communication with your coach.  

The primary goal of the prep weekend is grocery shopping and food prep for the upcoming week. The program is all about nourishing the body with delicious, clean, and whole foods that give your body an internal reset – to release stored fat, restore gut health, reduce inflammation and adrenal fatigue. BUT it’s also about beginning to cultivate strong skills in the kitchen that will evolve over the course of the next few weeks. Work closely with your coach to keep it simple and you will succeed. To help you stay on track there are three pictures that you will post in your chat box every weekend, so your coach knows you are prepared: 

  • Picture of your grocery cart

  • Picture of your meal prep

  • Picture of your meal plan

Selecting meals for the first 3 days of the week helps you think through any challenges for the upcoming week so your coaching session is very focused on the issues at hand. 

A lack of preparation will likely slow down your progress. If you are prepared and stick with your coach, we can virtually guarantee your success. 

To help you plan for success, we provide meal plans and grocery lists. We have options prepared for all 3 weeks of the program. You can choose from the regular plans or the pescatarian and vegetarian versions. Each plan includes the following information:

  • Description of our typical protocol which is a protein and veggie for lunch and dinner and 2 fruit snacks. Your program may vary based upon your current lifestyle.

  • Recommended recipes for the week. Each recipe has a short cooking video along with specific directions. Our meal plans consider meal prep efficiencies such as using mason jar salads, recipes that you can prepare in bulk for left overs and those that are family friendly. You can replace meals or put together your own combinations with foods from the level 1 list.Since this is not a calorie in and out program, eat until you feel full. As you log food pictures for each meal and snack your coach will adjust portion sizes as needed. Most of the time we find that people are not eating enough food.

  • Optional activity fuel that may be required to support your current lifestyle. For example, your coach may add activity fuel as needed to support workouts, extended work hours, travel, low blood sugar or even a physically demanding job. 

  • A shopping list designed for one person, so you can easily adjust to shop for more family members or if you want to swap out one recipe for another. At the end of the week if you have some extra greens or ripe fruits you can always put them in the freezer to make a delicious level 1 smoothie recipe.

The most effective way to establish a baseline is to begin with  one of our meal plans. It provides the general structure to be successful, but you can easily substitute any other recipe or work from the level 1 food list. That’s why we encourage you dig into the recipes – the point is to eat a variety of delicious foods you will enjoy. 

As you progress through the program your coach will be able to provide feedback and customization as they observe how you respond to different foods which is a unique process for everyone. And, as your digestive process starts to heal subtle food sensitivities may become more obvious to detect and additional changes are made to your program. 

The level 1 foods prescribed are low acidic, low inflammatory, help calm the body and facilitate the fat burning process. The top 3 tips when meal planning:

  • Choose organic fruits and veggies, grass fed, hormone free meats and wild caught fish. 

  • Rotate foods daily. Also remember that fruits or veggies like apples, oranges, peppers, onions, include many different varieties so enjoy all of them. Use frozen organic fruits and veggies to shop in bulk and enjoy items that may be out of season fresh.

  • Eat 70% of your veggies raw by having at least one large mixed green salad daily and a small side salad with cooked veggies. The natural occurring enzymes help breakdown the cooked foods consumed. 

These simple steps help with the purification process and will yield great results.

Many clients suffer from night time cravings, and/or trouble falling or staying asleep which are typical signs of adrenal fatigue. This drink is very easy to prepare and helps nourish and calm the adrenal glands which in turn helps curb cravings and improve quality of sleep. Take it every night an hour before bedtime for at least 2 weeks since it has a cumulative effect. Over the course of the program the foods consumed during level 1 calm the body and it will not be needed anymore. 

Summary Daily Self Check -  This Betr by the Day article is invaluable because it provides the list of top tips to keep in mind during the program. Review it every day so you are thoroughly familiar with all the guiding principles of the program. This helps identify and resolve very quickly most of common challenges that you may face during the program.  The goal is to provide information on demand that has helped thousands of clients succeed.

Icons - Along Bottom of Screen

Insights – This is where you can check your progress in the program so far and can even view your achievements (badges). You will find you coach chat will be located under this tab as well as scheduling your appointments.

Community Chat – group discussion board where clients, coaches and Dr. Ferro are cheering each other on, sharing recipes, food tips and meal pictures.

"+" Sign – tap plus sign in the center of the screen to enter food, weight, sleep, activity, mental health, water, bowel movement, steps, blood pressure and body measurements every day. Just tap on the icon, record your information, and tap "submit" in the lower right to save it.

Nourish This is where you can check out all of our recipes easily and our pre-made meal plans that will be very helpful in staying on track each week in the program. 

Profile – This is where you can take a quick look at ALL the amazing work you have done and where you are in the program. You can find all your goals and preferences there as well!

Important Note - Define personal settings on the first day that you post your actual start weight using the weight log so that progress charts are accurate.

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