Our secret sauce isn’t so secret. The three pillars of Betr’s approach is exactly why it works for you:
Science: Have you ever heard of the brain-gut connection? Your gut is connected to stress, fat loss, insulin resistance, and much more.  In today’s world, it is easy to see how the gut is in a stressed out state; whether that be from anxiety, poor diet or antibiotics; your brain will undoubtedly feel those effects. This is why at Betr we repair your gut first! Then your body will naturally take care of the rest.

Philosophy: There is no one size fits all. We work with you every step of the way to make this about YOUR life and your schedule.  At Betr, we’re changing people’s worlds, via hard working and caring coaches; and quality products that are sustainable, affordable and effective!

Art: We have perfected the skill of implementing and customizing this food protocol so that nearly everyone succeeds. We pair you with a personal coach based on your needs and their expertise. Betr’s coaches create a tailored plan for you using proven methods. Daily guidance that’s all about your budget, schedule, food sensitivities and health goals. You can do this! 

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