Diets are work. They are punishment. They only work for the short term and we don’t love our life while we're doing it. We want an excuse to take a break from it as soon as possible.

You are embarking on something new, something fun, something that is going to make your life more enjoyable and make you feel better. 

 “Cheating” isn’t even a factor, because this is now simply how you eat.

Our goal is to create a an eating plan that you love, that makes you feel great. That improves your life - not something you dread. 

There are over 250,000 books written on diet and nutrition and the best way to do it. Yet no experts seem to agree, however, they always seem to agree that when it doesn't work, it's somehow your fault.
Believing in this oversimplified approach of move more, eat less is not going to help you sustain a long term healthy weight because, beautifully, the human body is much more complex than this!

There are complex forces that govern our survival, our weight and our metabolism. So telling someone who's trying to lose weight that all they have to do is eat less and exercise more is the same as like telling someone who's poor, all they need to do is make more money and spend less

The human body wants to thrive. You are already whole and complete! 

There are only barriers to its expression. You can see dramatic results without drastic changes. This "back to basics" approach seeks to remove those barriers, so stop forcing your body do things it is not made to do! 

The Betr protocol is a lifestyle course for you to unlock this potential- not to tell you what to do, because your body already knows! Just ask one of the 9,000+ people who have lost at least 5% of their body weight in the first month, while also seeing significant improvement in their sleep, mood and mental clarity.

Start giving your body specifically what it needs and the freedom to never have to diet again!

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