Enter your food in the app: 

  1. Open your app to the home screen. 

  2. Click on the center "+" icon in the middle of the screen.   

  3. You may enter your weight, the date and the time at the top of the screen, then tap "Submit". You should be able to see your most recent wight from the cellular scale if you used that just beneath the weight log.

  4. Under "Food" you may select what type of meal you are having: breakfast, snack, lunch. etc. including the date and time.

  5. Either take a live picture of your food or upload a picture of your food. 

  6. You can then provide the source: Home, restaurant, Betr meal, etc.

  7. You may even add in the ingredients for a breakdown of your meal for a more precise look at your meal!

  8. Tap "Submit" in the bottom right corner to save correctly.

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