1. Access to the Betr App
  • App tracking, recipes, cooking videos, education and community support

3) Nokia Wireless Scale

4) Group Call to Review Program

5) 2 Introductory One on One calls with Your Personal Coach. One To Prepare for Level One and One to Prepare for Level Two

6) High-engagement One-On-One Coaching (Mon-Fri) For the First 2 Months.  After that time, your coach will check on you periodically to help make necessary modifications, make sure you are prepared for the weekend ahead and ensure you are on track to meet your goals. 

7) Online InstaChat Access
For real-time support, access the InstaChat feature for quick answers to questions. All coaches monitor this, so the first available coach will be able to assist you. 

  • Available Monday Through Thursday, 9am-7pm EST, Friday 9am-5pm EST, Saturday 12pm-3pm EST, Sunday 12pm-3pm EST 

8) Monthly & Weekly Group Calls throughout the Duration of your DPP Program

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