• 2 Packets of Sambazon Acai Puree

  • 2.5 cups Pecan, Almond, or Coconut Milk

  • 8 oz Frozen Tart Cherries or Tart Cherry Juice

  • 1 Frozen Banana

  • 3 tbsp. Cacao

  • 1 tsp. Recover


  • Bee Pollen

  • Coconut Flakes

  • Pomegranate Seeds

Directions: Blend the acai puree with the milk, frozen banana, cherries, cocao powder and 1 tsp of Betr’s Recover to make a nice thick smoothie, the liquid should just barely cover the frozen fruits. Top with your favorite toppings! Enjoy!

Ya’ll ready for some fun facts?

Acai: Acai is an Amazonian berry, that has a flavor crossed between fresh blueberry and sultry chocolate. They are naturally low in sugar and SUPER high in antioxidants. In fact, they have 10 TIMES more antioxidants than red grapes. Time to switch out the red wine for an Acai bowl. 

Bee Pollen: Legendary martial artist, Bruce Lee included bee pollen in his go-to supplement selection. Bee pollen has a high level of proteins, amino acids and minerals. Hence, it’s AWESOME for athletic performance.

Tart Cherries: Thankfully, tart cherries have been shown to reduce post exercise muscle pain. As you’re back to breaking a sweat in Level 2, Recover is another amazing supplement to help muscle recovery.

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