Looking for more information on what oils you can and can't eat? This is the perfect place to learn about how the Betr Health program incorporates your favorite, olive oil. 

Can I eat olive oil on level 1?
Yes! But not for cooking.
We prefer you use low sodium broth or the natural fats in protein to cook.

Why should I NOT heat up my olive oil?
Heating olive oil past its "smoking point" (the temperature it starts to burn) will change its flavor and decrease its nutrient values. Heating up the oil destroys its beneficial phytochemicals, which we want to preserve so they can nourish your body! 

But I have to use oil to cook this specific recipe! What can I use instead?
f you must use an oil to cook we ask that you use a very small amount of coconut or grapeseed oil.

If I can't cook with olive oil then what can I use it for?
Olive oil makes a great salad dressing, as well as adding some flavor to plain raw veggies! Not only does it add flavor but it also provides you with a healthy monounsaturated fat!

What if I really need to use something to coat my pan so the food doesn't stick?
We suggest using broth for cooking (which will reduce sticking). But if you absolutely feel that you must use olive to make the pan non-stick then use this trick. Take a folded paper towel and put a tiny bit on the oil on the towel then rub it on the pan. This trick keeps you from using too much oil, as well as making a little go a long way.

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