One of the unforeseen side effects of the incipience of the Betr Recipes program was the sharp increase in incidents of "food larceny" that have taken place within the homes of our clients. Hungry kids, spouses, and yes, even pets, have been reported to be breaking into the fridges of our clients and stealing their delicious food made with Betr recipes. 

After an hours long meeting and countless proposals, the Betr team has finally come up with a solution to prevent this disheartening crime from continuing: make more food. 

But alas, increasing the quantity of your family's favorite Betr recipe is not as easy as it looks at first glance. No, we soon figured out that in order to properly increase the amount of the food each Betr recipe has to offer without decreasing its deliciousness, it would not be so simple as to just double or triple the quantity of each ingredient. 

But with the help of our resident taste tester, yours truly, we were finally able to come up with a solution. 

When it comes to doubling meat, protein, or the main star of the dish, you want to double the portion size of this component of the meal for every extra person who is going to be eating. 

For sides within the dish, such as a vegetable or salad, make one and a half times the amount of this component of the meal for each person that is going to be eating. 

However, when it comes to spices, you don't want to change much. Maybe just add a pinch or two more of each spice or seasoning to give the food a nice coating of seasoning, but don't change the amount too much- you don't want the food to be totally overpowered by the seasoning. 

Hope this helps, and here's to not having your family members stealing all of your food! :) 

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