Now that your metabolism has been reset after completing Level 1, we recommend starting to add in more exercise to keep losing weight. 

This article will be a guide on how to start bringing exercise into your Betr life. It is important to listen to your body and start at a safe, comfortable level. Here is a total body work out that will only take 10 minutes for you to complete. 

Once you start level 2 you should do this EVERYDAY to the best of your ability. Once you start to get stronger and more comfortable you can start incorporating the more challenging modifications! Here is the work out, and below it is the instructions for each move.

10 Minute total body work out
45 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest
Goal: Do as many reps in 45 seconds as possible

  1. March in place -> option: high knees

  2. Standing elbow to knee twists

  3. Squat w/ tip toe raise -> option: jump squat

  4. Squat step -> option: use a resistance band

  5. Knee push ups -> option: push up from feet

  6. Superman

  7. Tricep dips -> option: extend legs out

  8. Plank on forearm -> option: plank up/downs

  9. Mountain Climbers

  10. Butt kicks

You're going to rock this!!!

Break down of each move:

  • March in place: core tight

  • High knees: fast paced, knees going as high as possible, moving arms to help balence

  • Standing Knee to Elbow twist: Bring knee up and high, opposite elbow goes across to touch, then alternate

  • Squat w/ tip toe raise: feet shoulder width apart, core tight, shoulders pulled back, weight in heels when squatting down, at the top in your standing position push onto you toes

  • Squat jump: squat down and explode up to a jump at the top

  • Squat step: Feet shoulder distance apart, squat as low as possible and step left to right, chest lifted up and staying low the whole time

  • Squat step w/ resistance band: Place circular band around ankles

  • Push up on knees: Hands just slight out farther than shoulders, elbows pointing back but slightly out, core tight, back straight, booty tucked in, on knees but toes tucked under to prevent sliding

  • Push up: Same as push up on your knees, just putting all your weight on your toes, body completely straight like a board

  • Superman: Lay on belly, arms stretched out front, lift chest, arms, and legs off floor, squeezing back and then relax to the floor, then repeat

  • Tricep dip: (can use step, ledge or stable couch) Hands on step, booty off of step, elbows pointing back and pulled together, legs slight bent at the knee, bend elbows lowering booty to the floor and then rise up

  • Plank: Just like straight body form of push up but on your fore arms instead on bands, body tight and flat and hold

  • Mountain climber: Body in plank form but alternate stepping foot forward bringing knee close to chest, making sure to keep your booty low and back straight

  • Butt Kick: Standing position, alternating heal to butt touches, this can be as fast as you want

It is important to inform your coach that you are exercising! Also listen to your body and make sure you are getting enough protein so your body can heal and get stronger!

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