Why organic? To ensure that no additional toxins, pesticides, or hormones enter your system. This is especially crucial during the purification process of Level 1.

If you are unable to buy all organic foods due to financial or availability restraints, we suggest at least buying these foods if possible. 


No antibiotics. No growth hormones. No preservatives. These animals have been raised in a natural environment along a healthy lifespan without the added hormones to increase the rate of production. Since they are allowed to graze and have their own space, they aren't injected with antibiotics to prevent disease as ones that live in tight spaces with other animals. As a consumer, you are at low risk of acquiring these chemicals in your system.

Grass-fed vs. grain fed impacts the amount of omega-3 fatty acids which is an essential fat we can only get from food as our body does not produce it on its own. For example, if a cow is eating any foods contaminated with pesticides, it'll spoil its digestive enzymes thus making food harder to break down. It may have the same effect on you, especially with the dirty dozen.


Consuming organic fruits and vegetables reduces exposure to pesticide residues. Highest priority items to buy organic are the Dirty Dozen. These are the most pesticide-contaminated foods that put you at higher risk of developing diseases. 

Although organic is always important, the Clean 15 are lower risk fruits and vegetables. Produce with skin to be peeled prior to eating (ex: avocados, grapefruit, kiwis, etc.) are less likely to be contaminated internally; which is good news for your insides too!


Herbs and spices are grown and retrieved from plants. Much of our supply is imported from other countries. For sterilization purposes, these items must be cleansed by either fumigation, irradiation or steaming. Fumigating is the most common as it is the least expensive to conduct, but this method uses gases which increases the likelihood of residue presence. Irradiation is uses gamma rays which is an improvement from the gases in fumigation, but may reduce flavor. Steaming is the method 100% approved for organic. It rids the items of bacteria in a natural way as it simply using hot water to clean. No effects on flavor! 

Additionally, non-organic herbs and spices are prone to having artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. When buying organic you get what you're looking for and just that!

By consuming organic foods, your system will have increased amounts of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants you need to support digestion. You'll see results in as little as 5 days from eating clean, whole foods. It is optimal to maintaining gut health which is what we're all about :)

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