It is very important that you have all your meals and snacks during the day.  As mentioned on the Harvard Medical School,  research suggests that people of normal weight and formerly obese people who have maintained their weight loss eat about four times per day, compared with obese people. Some of the benefits:

  • A decrease in hunger and an increase in fullness, which can potentially prevent overeating. In fact, when people become very hungry the risk increases that they will choose unhealthy high-calorie foods, such as pizza and soda. This can lead to eating too much at one sitting.

  • More opportunities to consume healthy foods such as fruit, vegetables and whole grains.

Eating at least three times per day can keep you full and reduce hunger. This is good for weight loss. Eating fewer than three times a day puts you at risk for overeating and choosing less healthy foods.Also, the quality of food can help with hunger management and weight loss. By eating foods with low energy density, like fruits and vegetables, you'll feel fuller longer.

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