Welcome to your last week of Level 1! Here are 5 tips to make it through this week with flying colors and smoothly transition into Level 2! 

1. Expand your Team;  Build social support and harness personal accountability! 

Level 1 is all about resetting your metabolism and restoring your gut health. In the first few weeks we focused on learning and sticking to the level 1 protocols. 

Now that you have a solid understanding of the program and have expanded your education on health topics; It's important you take more accountability of your health journey. At Betr we recommend expanding your social support team. It's a great idea to get family members on board the plan with you, that way you can all share in Betr lifestyle and help each other maintain motivation and accountability. 

2. Start thinking about level 2

This is your last week on Level 1, so you will start seeing new Level 2 content as you near the transition phase. Make sure you look at the Level 2 resources your coach has sent to you, as well as resources on your app and computer.

 Jot down some questions and make sure to speak up if confused!

3. Start moving! 

During Level 1 we recommend going light on workouts.

In Level 2 workouts are reintroduced. At Betr health we recommend engaging in higher intensity exercise about 3 times a week, building up to around 5 times a week, each for 30 to 45 minutes at a time. Doing a combination of cardio, interval training and stretching will help you develop substantial strength and endurance.

Check out this recommended Betr Workout. 

This can seem daunting if you've never worked out before. Use your last week on Level 1 to start walking more and doing some light stretches before transitioning into Level 2 to more intense forms of exercise.

4.  Don't Stress 

We know it can seem scary to move over to new protocols once you are used to Level 1. Don't be! You will have the great Betr team behind you, and if there is anything you don't understand or feel that you are not ready to do yet, chat with your coach and they will make modifications!

5. Celebrate your success! 

You've almost done a whole month of the Level 1  Betr protocol. You've taken your health into your hands and given yourself a chance to thrive and reach your goals. That is no small accomplishment!

Be sure to take a minute to appreciate your hard work as you get ready to hit even more goals during the next few weeks.

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Thank you so much!

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