1 - Share your tips!

You're halfway through Level 1 and have developed a bunch of Betr day-to-day habits. Our group discussion board is home to member support! Post tips on how you stay on plan and overcame any hurdles along the way during the program. We all need encouragement sometimes :)

2 - Check your measurements

If you took your measurements prior to Day 1, this week is a good time to check them. Even if you aren't seeing a huge loss on the scale, some inches have probably shed!

3 - Beat the plateau: MIND OVER MATTER

When experiencing consistent weight loss from the start of the program, it is EXTREMELY common to hit a plateau around this time. Your body is naturally adjusting to the new meal plan you've been abiding by. Keep in mind that it is temporary and your loss will continue. If it lasts for more than three days, discuss with your coach immediately.

4 - Try out a new recipe

If you're getting bored with meal options, check out the weekly meal plans we have available in the app!

5 - Reflect

Making a lifestyle change is a huge commitment you should be proud of each day you're closer to reaching your goals. In any time of doubt: take a look at your progress and the daily efforts you've put in thus far. Practice mindfulness and meditation. Emotional wellness is always a priority! 

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