Skinny people suffer from the dangerous effects of stress too, but it has been our experience that every overweight person can link their problem to one or more of the three types.


After stress has caused the weight gain, it only gets worse. Overweight individuals are bombarded with a variety of new mental stresses including low self-esteem, confidence issues and a general dislike for their body. The liver, responsible for processing fat and toxins, becomes overburdened. This causes toxic exposure from everyday life to be stored rather than moved out of the body. Fat imposes a great deal of physical stress on the body, causing all kinds of joint and organ issues... and the list goes on.

As you can see, the downward spiral that caused you to gain the weight adds totally new dimensions of mental, toxic and physical stress. Each of these stresses leads to another, which leads to another and so on until they become heart disease, stroke, metabolic syndrome, elevated levels of bad cholesterol (LDL), lower levels of good cholesterol (HDL), type II diabetes and cancer. 

Is it still surprising that 200 million Americans are overweight and suffering from such a wide range of diseases?


Weight Loss fails because our society approaches it wrong. 

Excess fat is nothing more than a symptom of stress -‐ a message from the body that there is some underlying problem. Weight loss fails because most people go out and aimlessly exercise or try the newest fad diet instead of addressing the true cause of the weight. 

Remember: It’s all about the underlying problem that is causing your cravings, low energy or sleep problems, not the bad food, laziness or insomnia that result! 

Most shakes, pills, meal replacements, new diets and exercise routines, fail to address the underlying problem, resulting in failure. Not only do they cause you to fail, but they also put additional physical, chemical and mental stress on your body, causing you to gain back more than you lost. 

Weight loss techniques that can add mental, toxic & physical stress to your life:
• Ready to eat meals
• Weight loss medications
• Shakes
• Weight loss supplements
• Counting calories
• Exercise DVDs
• Running
• Weight Lifting
• Diets like: paleo, Atkins, low carb, low fat, slim fast, Jenny Craig, weight watchers, etc.

We hope you have completely new understanding about the idea of a “stressful” day. As complicated as stress may seem, we promise that it gets even more confusing. We have touched on only a few examples, but stress’ web can have infinite twists and turns.

The point of this piece is not to confuse you. It is to show you that it is important to examine your life for stresses and symptoms of stress before it becomes a life threatening situation. 

The reality is that there are only a two things you need to be doing to avoid thousands of health issues. 

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