Time is such a precious commodity and our busy lives leave us little extra precious moments to build healthy meals into our lives.  But you want to eat healthy and still fit it in to your life.  Here are some tips for your best success with the Betr program:

  1.  Remember that you are making a lifestyle change and at the beginning, it will take some time to learn and build new habits.  It may take more time during your first prep weekend, but eating for Betr Health will quickly become second nature and a natural part of your life.  So take a deep breath and focus on your "why" for making this change.  This will incentivize you to prioritize planning, shopping and prep as part of your weekly routine.

  2. Bulk cooking is the best plan to maximize your cooking efforts.  Double or triple your favorite recipes so you have extra on hand.  Using a crock pot full of frozen chicken breasts, sweet peppers, onions, and spicy herbs on the weekend can then be portioned out and used as a salad topping for Southwest salads, tacos with butter leaf lettuce as the shell, or eaten just as a fajita meal.

  3. Freezing leftovers in single serving "to go" containers is a must when the work week gets too busy to add in daily cooking.  Choose recipes such as soups, chili, and pot roast that freeze/reheat well.  Having pre-made, fast lunches or dinners will keep you on track with healthy eating and prevent a drive thru food disaster.

  4. Buy pre-washed greens (spinach, kale, etc) and pre-cut veggies to speed up prep time.  Mason jar salads can be made quickly this way and lined up in the refrigerator for daily "grab and go" lunches.

  5. Get your office to join you on the Betr journey....have potluck lunches twice a week where each of you brings your favorite recipe to sample and enjoy.  You can experiment a variety of foods and stay on track with the encouragement of those around you while building a healthy community.

  6. Lastly, get everyone in the family in on planning, shopping and prepping meals.  Teaching kids to be helpful in the kitchen, not only saves you time as they share in the workload, but will also inclined them to taste and enjoy the meal if they have helped create it.  Teaching your children healthy eating habits by modeling it for them is critical to lifelong health and worth the effort.  Betr Health is a lifestyle for everyone!

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