With Fall here and winter coming up, it is the time of the year where most people start to get sick. Chances are if you’re not sick yet, you’re surrounded by people who are. Unfortunately when we are sick there’s no denying that motivation doesn’t come easy when we’re not feeling our best. Naturally, we don’t feel like eating a salad or going to the gym. Here’s 3 easy ways to stay on track:

1. Put things into perspective:

It’s not realistic to expect things to go according to plan when you’re not feeling your best. Accept that you’re feeling unwell and a little bit low. Be kind to yourself!  We’re not talking about letting your guard down and going overboard with comfort food. Rather, just acknowledging that things are different while you are sick.

2. Put a window of time around it

While it’s important to listen to your body, it’s equally important to not let it become your new normal. Instead of having the mindset of “I was on track and now I've lost all my progress”, try instead shifting your thinking to “I’ve been on track, I’m going well, and what I’m experiencing now is only a small break to reach my goals".

3. Set mini-goals

When you are sick, it is important to set mini-goals. Ask yourself: “What’s realistic for me to achieve this week considering my current state of health?” By setting mini-goals, you’re keeping yourself in a positive mindset, and making it easier to get yourself back on track when you’re feeling better.

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