Our Betr Health monthly supplements are now delivered in daily sachets in place of the four individual bottles!

In each of your daily sachets, you will receive... 1 Probiotic, 2 Enzymes, 2 Lift, and 2 Release.

Suggested Usage: Take all supplements with your first meal of the day, preferably lunch. If you would rather take four of the pills with lunch and three of the pills with dinner, that is fine as well. Order does not matter. 

We are so excited to launch our new supplement kits to Betr fit your on-the-go lifestyle! Here are some frequently asked questions in regards to the new supplements.


  • Why did we change to the new packaging?

We understand that our clients live busy lives, constantly on the go. Therefore, we transitioned our supplements from bottles to daily sachet packets to more effectively fit the protocol into your day to day! No more counting and carrying big bottles, just one packet that will easily fit in your bag or lunch box. 

  • Are they still as effective?

Yes! Taking the supplements with lunch and dinner is just as effective as if you were to take them throughout the day. It will not make or break your progress. We are all busy, so to ensure you are getting in your daily nutrients we recommend taking them at one time.

  • Will it cost more?

Nope! The monthly membership will remain $99. 

  • Are the ingredients the same?

Yes, they are our same tried-and-true supplements. Just cooler looking.

  • Why is there only 1 Probiotic instead of 2?

The Probiotic supplement is larger and contains the same potency as taking two of the smaller Probiotic supplements. 

  • How can I tell the supplements apart?

Lift x2 – Light Brown / Reddish

Release x2 – Gray /Greenish

Probiotics x1 – White (smaller pill)

Enzymes x2 – White

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