Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are defined as those beliefs that constrain us in some way. Just by believing in them, we choose to not think, do, or say the things that they inhibit.

What if you were told that you have all of the opportunity, power, and support to succeed with your goal; that there would be nothing that could stop you from reaching that goal. You would feel more comfortable reaching for that goal, right?  We all have the ability to train our minds to get into a state of certainty.  When we are in that state of certainty there is nothing that can stop us. You have all of the tools necessary to help you achieve whatever you want.  It's about removing those limiting beliefs and bringing them into a state of certainty in moments of uncertainty.

We all have limiting beliefs, but the good news is that we can take those limiting beliefs and turn them into beliefs that fuel empowerment.

Identifying Limiting Beliefs

In order to practice identifying limiting beliefs, pick a goal that you've always wanted to bring to life.  Now ask yourself these questions...

  1. What would happen if I achieved this goal?  What negative impact would it have? 
  2.  What changes would I have to make to achieve my goal?
  3. What is currently preventing me from achieving my goal?
  4. Why do things never change?  What are my biggest obstacles?
  5. What is it about my goal that I DON'T want? What am I trying to avoid?

After you've written everything down, outline every negative thought that you have. Highlight them all!  Do you see any overlap? Chances are you've now identified your limiting beliefs.  

Removing Limiting Beliefs

When we show up to the present moment with all of our senses, we invite the world to fill us with joy. The pains of the past are behind us. The future has yet to unfold. But the now is full of beauty simply waiting for our attention.

So, how do we eliminate these limiting beliefs?

  1. Identify your limiting beliefs (what you did above) 
  2. Write down 3-5 reasons as to why you believe that limiting belief exists (do this for each one)
  3. Next step is to disprove those limiting beliefs.  Next to each of those beliefs, write down reasons to the contrary.  Aim for 3-5 reasons.
  4. Turn that limiting belief into an empowered belief.  Make this new belief something that gives you strength.  For example, you can turn "I'm not good enough to achieve X because I make too many mistakes" into "I accept that sometimes I make mistakes and that I am not perfect, however, I never stop trying to be the best person I can be."

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