Exercises Best for Your Body

Finding the right mindset, the right community, and the right strategy for finding your clients PERFECT workout program.

Most people who start an exercise program eventually stop. They beat themselves up for being lazy, weak, and undisciplined. The good news is that it’s not about character flaws, it’s just that their exercise program wasn’t a good "fit" for them.

Personal fitness goals: What your end goal and what do you want out of your lifestyle change? If the goal is not completing a marathon, running each day may not be the best exercise option.  It's better to find a training regimen that will drive your progress towards something you enjoy to ensure it will be a sustainable change.

Growing muscles or training the whole person?  Most people are so focused on their muscles (including the heart) while neglecting their joints, breathing, circulation, coordination, and balance. These parts are very important to long-term fitness and well being. Depending on the person, focusing on other elements of fitness can help you see the big picture to achieve larger long-term goals.

Are fitness goals separate from weight loss goals?  Your personal relationship to exercise and food should be separated into two different goals. The unrealistic goal of burning off the calories from the binge meal you had the meal before may influence a person into the wrong types of exercises.  Furthermore, when a person doesn't see any progress from exercise in helping to reduce their weight, it's easier for them to get demotivated and quit.

Does your exercise schedule align with your life schedule?  Does your job, children, or responsibilities make time for physical activity difficult? Plan around those responsibilities. If you don’t’ have time for two hours at the gym — then exercise at home. If it’s too boring at home then find a friend to workout with. Your exercise program is designed to reduce stress, not create it! A focused 20-minute workout in your living room is better than a stressed out hour at the gym.  

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