Fourth of July gatherings are a great way to share tasty betr foods with friends and family while serving up the gift of health.  Offering to host a gathering with a spread of betr menu choices or bringing a tasty dish can help you stay on track with your eating and avoid temptations.

Here are some tasty recipes sure to please even the toughest critics and keep your guests asking for more:

Large veggie and fruit trays (why not start out with the good stuff?)
Large green salad (add colorful veggies) serve with Bragg's Ginger Sesame dressing on side
Delicious fat burning chips
Homemade Salsa
Sweet and spicy wings
Mustard wings
Grilled scallops
Grilled shrimp
Lettuce Burger
Chicken lettuce wraps
Avocado Boats (vegan)
Tahini & Hardy Slaw (vegan)

Crowd pleasers in crockpot:
Sloppy Joes

And for dessert:
Warm baked apples
Maui Berry Popsicles

Iced teas or a sparkling infused water

God bless America...from sea to shining sea!  Betr Health wishes you a wonderful Independence Day!  

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