Certified Betr Health Coach- FAQ

How many hours per week do coaches put into coaching clients?

Your weekly output is entirely up to you. The average client takes about 3 hours of attention per month, but how you spread that time out per week depends on the relationship between you and your client. You’re only required to message your client during the work week, but many of our coaches use the weekends to schedule calls.


How many clients constitute full-time versus part-time?

As an independent contractor, you don’t need to worry about full-time or part-time work. You will have complete control over your working schedule and can take as many clients as you feel comfortable with once you move past your introductory period.


What is the commission structure and when are we paid?

You will receive a breakdown of commissions in a follow-up email once you purchase the certification, but you can expect to earn between $40 and $55 per milestone that your client reaches. 


How much time does the training course take?

The course can be completed on your own time, but It shouldn’t take more than a week. The average time needed to move through the course is about 8 hours.


How many chances do I get to pass the exam?

There isn’t a limit on the number of chances that you have to complete the final exam. You only need to score an 80% or better to pass.


As a Betr Health Coach, am I required to sell your products or meet a monthly quota?

No, you will never be forced to sell our products or hit a monthly quota. Many of our clients do end up buying our products, and they may ask for your help in doing so, but it is not a requirement. You will receive a commission on any product that your client buys.


I understand that I will be trained on the coaching topics and protocols, but what if a question comes up that I don’t have an answer for?

Never hesitate to reach out via the Insta-chat with any questions or concerns. As a coach, your main responsibility is to manage and support the client. Any in-depth questions can be directed to our certified head coaches. Our internal staff and head coaches are here to help you!


Do I have to go out and get my own clients?

No, you will never be asked to make a sale or do your own marketing. Betr Health does all of the back-end work of finding clients for you. All you have to do is help enroll them and guide them through the program.

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