We recognize this national emergency has created shortages of different supplies that include some Betr food choices for many members depending on location.  While numerous personal hygiene supplies are now gone, we have found most stores still are quickly restocking necessary fresh food supplies.  Our team of Head Coaches put together an action plan with strategies to help you do your best while in this time of “social distancing” for our nation’s overall health and safety from rapid virus spread. We realize that not everyone can do everything, but we have to try our absolute best as a community to support each other and strengthen our immune systems! 


  1. Wash, wash wash your hands!  This is the most important factor in limiting contact when out in public spaces.  Use grocery delivery services or curb drive-through services at your local store with an online order to limit exposure within stores.  Use sanitizing wipes on carts and on your hands after touching credit card machines.
  2. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and allow your immune system to flush out any toxins as your body works to defend your daily health.
  3. If working from home, now more than ever is the perfect opportunity to build new habits with food preparation and meals at home with our quick and easy betr recipes. Try experimenting by adding new recipes to your menu plans. 
  4. Keep basic supplies approved by your primary care provider on hand in the event that you do become ill (such as Tylenol for fevers and body aches and extra refills of prescription medications.)
  5. Stay busy! This is a great time to start your Spring cleaning, revisit a hobby you miss or read a book. Staying busy is going to keep you on schedule and help you avoid eating out of boredom. 

Food Tips

  1. Focus on fruit snacks first.  Find a bag of oranges or apples, these store well and can last longer than berries. Two fruit snacks a day is a great foundation even if you don’t have as much control over your other meals.
  2. If fresh protein options are not available, select frozen options as the next best choice.  
  3. If fresh vegetables are not available, then frozen options are also the next best choice.  Even if a vegetable is not on level 1, selecting frozen vegetables will be a healthier and more nutrient-dense option per bite than frozen pizza or salty pre-made canned soups. 
  4. If you can’t find eggs in your local store, search for local backyard chicken farmers who often sell extra eggs from their flocks. 
  5. Stock up on low sodium broths and make soups which often are perfect for use with frozen veggies. Double the recipe and freeze half to have leftovers later! 
  6. Betr is here to support you with your eating choices and at the end of the day, we encourage you to choose betr and not give up because you can’t “be perfect.”  Do the best you can with food choice availability on any given day.  
  7. If you are in a pinch and need to buy a meal at a restaurant for take out or delivery, follow our guide to eating out! Remember that take-out meals are riskier than making food at home given the links between the people who prepare food, transport the food, and you. It is hard to know how much that risk is, but it is certainly higher than making it at home. But you can and should continue to support your local small businesses (especially restaurants and other retailers) during this difficult time by buying gift certificates online that you can use later.

Different seasons of life present unique challenges and we will all get through this time being betr together!  Please feel free to reach out to our instachat with any further questions.

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