Follow these steps to sync your Withings scale to the Betr Health app:

  1. Click the link that you received via text to create your Withings Health Mate account.

(Note: If you already have a Withings account, simply enter your login credentials to complete the next step)

2. Select "Don't have an account yet?" to set up your new profile. Agree to terms of service and consent to allowing Withings to process your weight data.

3. Enter some basic contact information.

(NOTE: the default setup for your weight units is metric. Switch to lbs/in)

4. Select "Allow this app" to let the Betr app capture your weight data.

5. You should be brought to a screen that says "Successfully subscribed"

6. Download the Withings Health Mate app onto your phone, and log in with the credentials that you just created for your account.


Go into your Health Mate app and select the "Devices" tab at the bottom of your screen. Connect your scale by choosing the "Body" scale option, and sync the app up to your home WiFi.

8. Step on your scale!

Your weight logs will now be automatically pulled into your progress chart in the Betr Health app.

(Note: It could take a few minutes for your weight to appear in logs in the Betr Health app. Please check the app to ensure your first weight is recorded. If you do not see your weight in your logs, contact our online insta-chat support for assistance.

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