How to make this weekend Betr than the last

It’s finally the weekend, time for some fun! 🎉

The best way to rock the weekend is to be prepared!

Here are some strategies on how to be ready for anything.

  • Have a game plan! Make a list of the activities you will be doing over the weekend and what meals and snacks you will need.

  • Pack a go-bag! Put a few Level 1 snacks in your car or bag that will last all weekend. Snacks that require little to no prep are best, like apples, clementines, or unsalted almonds. It's easier to stay on track if you are able to avoid off-plan snacking.

  • Get creative. Parties or restaurants may not have perfect level 1 options but do your best to eat as close to level 1 as you can. Mix and match dishes to build as close as you can to a Betr plate. Eating a little off-plan is so much better than not eating at all. Check below for some restaurant tips!

Order like a Betr Coach

  • BYOD: Bring your own dressing! Most restaurants will have olive oil and lemon wedges for a quick salad dressing. But if you would like other options consider bringing your Bragg's vinaigrette.

  • Simple is the best Aim for grilled protein, steamed veggies, and a side salad. Ask for them to leave off any butter and oil.

  • Take the lead Suggest places that will have level 1 options and are open to substitutions.

Our motto is "Betr, not Perfect." So, if all your meals do not go as planned, just let your coach know! You aren't the first, and our coaches have your back!

You’ve got this 🙂

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