That “gut feeling” is more than just a feeling.

Did you know your gut has more neurons than your spinal cord?

That's why we hear the gut referred to as our “second brain."

It contains a complex network of nerves that regulate digestion and constantly communicate with your brain.

If your gut bacteria are unhealthy, though, they might be sending your brain the wrong message.

Take one small example: do you find that you’re constantly having energy crashes or trouble losing weight?

These effects are often a result of a poorly functioning gut microbiome.

This army of invisible microorganisms is central to your entire health and connected to everything that happens in your body.

Want to know more about the specific ways that gut health affects mental health?

Take a relaxing walk and listen to the Quacks and Hypochondriacs Podcast where Betr Health CEO and Founder Dr. Ferro discusses the relationship between Gut-Health & Anxiety.

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