We talk a lot about the trillions of bacterial cells that live in our gut and carry out critical functions in our bodies.

Have you ever wondered what they eat? The answer is right under your nose, on its way to your mouth.

THEY eat what YOU eat!

That’s why it’s important to make sure you’re feeding your beneficial bacteria the good stuff, PREBIOTICS!

Prebiotics are substances that aren’t live beneficial bacteria but are substances that healthy bacteria need to thrive.

The first step to feeding your beneficial bacteria is a healthy, nutritious diet, full of fiber-rich, RAW vegetables. Why is raw so important?

It’s simple, cooking vegetables breaks down the fiber in them (that’s why they’re softer).

Cooking also removes many of the phytonutrients, which are unique, healthy substances contained in plants.

Fiber is THE prebiotic food that our gut bacteria need to break down our food into healthy, anti-inflammatory substances that are necessary for healthy functioning.

Studies show that our diet is an essential source of the prebiotics that our microbiome requires to function correctly.

But the "Western Diet," high in fat, protein, and simple carbohydrates, provides little support to our healthy bacteria and can even increase inflammation.

As Betr founder Dr. William Ferro says, "taking probiotics without a healthy diet is like scattering seeds in the desert."

The importance of prebiotics is becoming more and more recognized by the medical establishment.

If you’re taking a probiotic supplement, it’s likely that it is fortified with some prebiotic fiber (like Betr’s Daily Essentials).

But, just to review, you don’t need any kind of supplement to pack in the prebiotics.

The best source of food that your microbiome needs to thrive is fiber in the form of raw, whole fruits and vegetables!

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