Feed all the bacteria in your gut!

Your body uses different enzymes to digest different foods.

Rotating all foods on a daily basis ensures optimum results by increasing your microbiome diversity. It also helps you from getting bored with limited food choices!

Research shows that a diverse microbiome is directly related to overall health.

By combining fruits, veggies, fermented foods, and animal proteins you are feeding all of the bacteria in your gut.

The more diversity in our gut, the more prepared our body is for different types of infection.

How to spice it up!

  • Rotate your proteins: Aim to have different types of protein each day.

  • Consider a vegetarian or vegan protein: Good options are quinoa, egg, edamame, cottage cheese, or lentils.

  • Use your favorite seasoning: Try a new vegetable or protein and add your favorite combination of spices.

  • Alternate fruit snacks: Aim to have a different fruit in the morning than you do in the afternoon.

  • Mix it in: If trying new things isn't always your favorite, hide the new food with some of your go-to's! You can add a new fruit to a smoothie or make a salsa with a new veggie!

  • Fermentation is your friend: Fermented foods have a variety of probiotics that will give your gut bacteria a boost!

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Keep your tastebuds happy and your metabolism "maxed-out" by rotating proteins from meal to meal.

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