When most people think healthy breakfast they think oatmeal, and they're right!

Oats come in several different forms: there's quick oats, rolled oats, steel-cut oats, and even more "specialty" varieties. Each of these labels indicates a different level of processing.

Steel-cut is the Betr recommended version. These oats contain more fiber and protein and are lower on the glycemic index than other oat varieties, so they're better for your blood sugar!

One of the biggest benefits of oats is that they help you stay full longer!

Steel-cut oats contain:

  • Lots of soluble fiber!

  • Iron - helps with energy levels

  • Vitamin B complex - support your immune system and help with energy levels

Oat sensitivities are uncommon and reactions tend to occur due to cross-contamination with wheat.

Potential reactions to oats include:

  • Bloating, gas, and cramps (symptoms of too much fiber)

  • Hives

Endless Options:

The most common use of steel-cut oats is Classic oatmeal!

Grab some hot water and some level 1 fruit and...VOILA!

You have a great breakfast that will fuel you on exercise and active days.

Looking for a substitute coffee creamer? Home-made oat milk is crazy easy to make and MUCH cheaper than nut milk.

Making your own will only take 5 minutes!

All you need is oats, water, a blender, and a bit of fabric.

Blend the oats and water to your desired consistency, strain the liquid through the fabric, and you have a coffee creamer with added protein and fiber, without extra sugar and fat!

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