The most common obstacle to success is fear - in particular, the fear of failing. "Will I make a fool out of myself? Will I disappoint my peers or worse… what if I disappoint myself? Will I be good at it?"

We’ve all asked ourselves these questions and oftentimes dismissed many ideas and dreams before we've even tried to realize them because we were simply too scared of failing.

Losing weight and making a change can be quite intimidating. However, while some are afraid to fail, many are afraid to succeed. Wait.... why would anyone be afraid to succeed?! Well, if food was your “solution” to cope with stress and this option is now taken away, new healthy techniques have to be developed that simply replace food.

Just this simple thought can be a real burden for some who use this internal struggle as an excuse to not make a lifestyle change. 

The bottom line is, whenever we get in uncomfortable situations we tend to quit.

While one voice says, “I really want to lose weight,” the other is whispering, “But what if people make fun of me for choosing an apple over a cupcake? What if they won’t love me anymore when I don’t eat the same way they do?”

These warring inner voices keep us stuck - looping in vicious cycles.

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