2 Zucchini Squashes, Cut In Half

1 filet Mahi Mahi

1 tbsp. Garlic Powder

2 Limes, Juiced

1 tsp. Pink Salt

1 tbsp. Grated Fresh Ginger

A few Cherry Tomatoes

1/2 cup Fresh Pico De Gillo

1/2 cup Purple Cabbage


  • Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees

  • In a small bowl, add spices, ginger, and limes to Mahi Mahi. Set aside while you slice up your veggies

  • Slice zucchini's in half, and scoop out the middles slowly with an icecream scoop

  • Fill your little boats with fish and a few tomatoes on your pan! We like Goodcook Pans because they are non-stick and super affordable 

  • Then, slice your cabbage nice and thin

  • Bake fish for 10-12 minutes until fish is a solid white color 

  • Garnish with fresh pico (you can use salsa too! Make sure there is no sugar added of course) 

  • Pop some cilantro on there 

You can also fill your taco boats with shredded chicken. Coach Carly does Taco Tuesdays with her family and she loves to make these boats with them!

Bon Appetit ;) 

Chef Kimberly 

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