Creamy Curry Dressing:

2 Tbsp Dijon Mustard

4 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar

5-10 drops Clear Stevia

Salt & Pepper to Taste

2 tsp Curry Powder (No sugar or salt added)

1/8 Cup Apple Butter (optional)


½ - 1 Cup Cooked Quinoa

3 Tbsp Creamy Curry Dressing

1 Tbsp Apple Butter (optional)

1 Cup Shredded Cabbage

1 Cup Leafy Greens

½ Chopped Green Apple

½ Cup Cherry Tomatoes

Top with Radish Sprouts


To make the dressing, you can use a protein powder shaker or a blender. Combine ingredients and shake away! 

When you are stacking your salad jars, start with heavy heartier ingredients, like quinoa and cabbage, at the bottom and more delicate things like leafy greens at the top. It stores better this way.  And also bring a bowl to toss this in. Trust me, it’s way easier to eat it this way. ;)

Health Coach Tip:

Make sure the apple butter uses only organic apples, and nothing else added. If you are going through a plateau, it is wise to omit the apples altogether to boost fat-burning. Fruits digest differently than vegetables, so taking out fruit from a dish can increase fat-burning.  


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