If your weight is stalling, go through this check list ASAP. Many times minor adjustments can make big changes. The key is to be proactive through the process!

  1. Are you eating too much beef? You might want to consume more white fish or chicken.

  2. Are you drinking enough water? Water is KEY to weight loss - make sure to drink enough throughout the day! 

  3. Having troubles with digestion? Try "Smooth Move Tea" or a Flax Seed Smoothie. If that doesn't work, daily drink a glass of warm water with fresh lemon and fresh ginger. 

  4. Are you overexercising? Your body might be in recovery mode! Take it easy. 

  5. Are you consuming too much salt? Monitor your sodium intake (be aware: some spices contain A LOT of hidden sodium). 

  6. Ladies: Is it that time of the month? Don't worry, it's natural that your weight fluctuates during this time.

  7. Are you eating ENOUGH? If you are eating too little, your body will hold on to its weight. Get in touch with your coach to check your meals.

  8. Are you drinking herbal teas /flavored coffees? Many contain "natural flavors" meaning hidden sugar alcohol or other additives. Check the ingredients. They should be flavored with organic spices like cinnamon or ginger.

  9. Eating lots of raw veggies and feeling bloated? You might have an issue with digesting raw or cooked onions or cabbage. Get in touch with your coach to find a solution.

  10. Are you sleeping enough? Make sure to get a goodnight sleep to give your body the rest is deserves. If sleep is interrupted it can show up on the scale.

IMPORTANT: Every body is different and reacts differently to changes. Do not stress, you will get there! Get in touch with your coach for additional help and support! 

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