Healthy digestion and nutrient absorption begins with chewing your food. When food is chewed properly, digestive enzymes are released in the stomach to help break down food so it can be absorbed. Chew until food it has lost its texture, then swallow completely before taking another bite. This aids digestion by making food particles smaller and easier to pass through the entire digestive track. If food is improperly chewed, only the outer portion will be digested by the stomach acids and barely broken down to a size that is efficient for further digestion. Large un-chewed portions of food put strain on the valves between the stomach and the small intestine. Because these food particles are so big, they don’t breakdown but start to decompose. This results in bacteria going into the bloodstream and digestive tract. Eating fast and swallowing air while not chewing food well can also cause acid reflux, gas, indigestion, IBS, heartburn, constipation, and bloating. If you experience these symptoms, slow it down and enjoy the taste and texture of the amazing whole foods you are eating.

Eat smarter.  Live betr.

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