Level 2 Game Plan 

During the reintroduction period of Level 2, the protocol helps lock in the new set point for metabolism and identifies hidden food sensitivities or allergies that may not have been obvious prior to starting the program. 

Start by adding in one new food item every other day. Stick to the Level 1 food list 100% on reintroduction days so we can clearly identify that the new food impacted the sensitivity as it is new to your system since you began Level 1. 

The Level 2 food list has serving size recommendations as the allotted amount for the day. For example, if you are reintroducing a cup of grapes: incorporate it into your day during your morning snack OR afternoon snack but not both.

Supplements for Level 2:

If you have chosen to take the betr health daily essentials, continuing the Level 1 schedule for daily Enzymes, Probiotics, Lift and Release is recommended. 

Betr App: 

Continue to upload your food and weight daily to learn how different foods may impact your body. Follow the plan you build for yourself rather than the app's timeline


Start engaging in higher intensity exercise 3-5 times a week for 30-45 minutes at a time. Do a combination of cardio, interval training, and stretching as it helps build strength and endurance.  Or find activities that get your body moving without thinking of it as a "workout" like playing basketball, swimming or brisk walking on a sunny day. Your body is now ready for the challenge!

Level 2 is unique for YOU! 

Throughout Level 1 you've discovered the most effective ways for you to see success along your plan. Our goal is to expand your variety based on your preferences. You'll begin the reintroduction process with the easiest foods for your body to digest, moving from one food group to the next. 

Of the food options below, what you reintroduce is up to you! Get prep started by making a plan with the meal prep sheet. Put a star* next to the foods you're planning on reintroducing for the upcoming week.

Level 2 Reintroduction Schedule: 

Week 1 

Monday- Day 1 - Add back in Breakfast
Tuesday- Day 2 - New Veggie
Wednesday- Day 3 - Rest Day
Thursday - Day 4 - New Veggie
Friday- Day 5 - Rest Day
Saturday - Day 6 - New Fruit
Sunday -Day 7 - Rest Day 

Breakfast Recommendations 

  • 2-3 Eggs. Hard-boiled, scrambled or veggie omelet. 

  • 1/2 cup of cottage cheese (fruit or veggies added is optional) 

  • Smoothie - start with Level 1 recipes and incorporate Level 2 recipes after re-introducing food items accordingly.  

Vegetable Recommendations

Average portion size is 1 cup. 

  • Broccoli

  • Cauliflower 

  • Carrots 

  • Mushrooms

  • Yellow Squash 

  • Spaghetti squash

  • Brussels sprouts 

  • Snap peas 

Fruit Recommendations 

  • Banana (1/2 to start) 

  • Grapes (1 cup) 

  • Pear (medium sized) 

  • Blackberries (1 cup) 

  • Raspberries (1 cup)

  • Kiwi (small sized)

  • Seasonal melons (1 cup)

Week 2

Monday- Day 8 - New Fruit
Tuesday- Day 9 - Rest Day
Wednesday- Day 10 - New Protein
Thursday - Day 11 - Rest Day
Friday- Day 12 - New Protein
Saturday- Day 13 - Rest Day
Sunday- Day 14 - New Fat 

Protein Recommendations

Average portion size is 4-6 oz on first re-introduction.

  • Turkey 

  • Salmon 

  • Pork 

  • Tuna 

Vegan Proteins

  • Lentils

  • Tofu

  • Chickpeas

Healthy Fat Recommendations

  • Natural Peanut Butter (1 TBS) 

  • Avocados (1/4)  

  • Walnuts (10) 

  • Almonds (10) 

  • Almond butter (1 TBS)

Week 3

Monday- Day 15 - Rest Day
Tuesday- Day 16 - New Fat
Wednesday- Day 17 - Rest Day
Thursday- Day 18 -New Fat
Friday- Day 19 - Rest Day
Saturday- Day 20 - New Grain/ Starch
Sunday- Day 21 - Rest Day 

Grains and Starch Recommendations
Average portion size is 1/2 cup. Consume max of 3x per week. 

  • Brown rice 

  • Black rice 

  • Sweet Potato (1/2) 

Week 4 

Monday - Day 22 - New Grain/ Starch
Tuesday - Day 23- Rest Day
Wednesday - Day 24 - New Grain/Starch
Thursday - Day 25 - Rest Day
Friday - Day 26 - New Dairy
Saturday - Day 27 - Rest Day
Sunday - Day 28 - New Dairy 

Dairy Recommendations 

  • Plain Greek Yogurt (1 cup)

  • Organic Butter (1/4 oz) 

  • Mozzarella Cheese (1 oz) 

  • String cheese (1 oz) 

  • Almond milk (1/2 cup) 

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