Welcome to Betr! 


  • 7%+ Body Weight Reduction

  • Reduce medications 

  • Prevent long-term health conditions

  • Gain more energy

  • Live a healthier, happy life! 

Getting Started

(1) Download the Betr Health App: After your consultation call, you should receive a text message with a link that will guide you to the download. If you do not receive the text within an hour, search for "Betr Health" in your app store.

(2) From there, go to the personal coaching chat bubble at the bottom of your screen. Send a reply to the welcome message with a "Hi" or "Hello". This confirms with your coach that you have downloaded the app and the message function is working. 

(3) From there, you are prompted to complete your preparation tasks on your homepage. Each task needs to be completed before you have your Discovery Call with your coach. 

(4) During your preparation week, in the app take any food picture at least 2x, record your weight 3x (If you don't have your scale yet, record estimates of your weight) and watch a video to achieve meaningful engagement 1.

(5) The most important task is to complete your meal plan once you have reviewed the Level 1 Food List. 

(6) Once completed, send it to your coach in the app chat box shown in step 2. This is where you will also be sending all of your food photos and future meal plans once you have started the program. 

(7) When you have received your scale, you will need to sync it to the app. Download Nokia Health Mate App and make an account. 

(8) Once it is synced it to your scale and home wifi,
go into the BETR App and select "Connect Health DATA". Choose "NOKIA" as your source. 

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