Whenever this topic comes up in conversation or on client calls, my thoughts always jump to this one scene from Supersize Me where Morgan Spurlock (the main character) steps on the scale after having eaten only McDonald's for 2 weeks, only to discover that he had actually lost some weight from the week prior! How on earth is that possible?

As it turns out, because of muscle's high density, muscle actually weighs more than fat!

One liter of muscle weighs about 2.3 lbs, whereas one liter of fat weighs 1.96 lbs. 

So does this mean that you shouldn't be working out while trying to lose weight? Of course not! The key to losing weight while you work out is to simply develop specific workouts that are tailored to burning calories as well as work with your meal plan to get the maximum amount of energy out of your meals to convert into workout energy!

Need some help developing a workout? Here's a starter list!

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