Gum chewing is not recommended for several reasons:

1)  Your choices are sugar-filled or powdered sugar substitute, neither of which is a good choice for level 1, along with all the added chemical flavorings, food colorings, etc.  Our goal is to give your body a rest and focus on truly high quality nutritious foods.  The very mechanics of chewing stimulates your mouth/brain/digestive track to prepare for food consumption thus creating a chain reaction.  

2)  Chewing gum can often increase cravings and offset the very action you are trying to achieve- training your body to receive food on a general schedule thus maintaining a stabilized blood glucose level in order in order to effectively utilize stored calories and not prepare the body for constant consumption of further calories.  

Ultimately, the choice is up to you, but we at betr health, would suggest you hold off on chewing gum for now.

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