Congratulations! Our team is incredibly proud of you! We're confident your testimony will inspire others to kick-start their plan to be as happy as you are with these life-changing results. 

Shout your success from the rooftops by sending us a video about your Betr journey, and you will receive a $25 credit to our store!

Here's how:

Grab a Smartphone, Tablet or Computer. Tip: make sure your smartphone or tablet is set to profile.

Pick a well lit and quiet background, and start recording. Keep the video under 5 minutes, and save it as an mp4 file. 

Use these questions as a guide: 

A. What is your name and age?

B. What was your lifestyle before Betr? What was your main motivation to join Betr?

C. What did you learn through working with Betr?

D. How much weight did you lose?

E. What other benefits did you notice? Better sleep? Less stress? Clearer skin? Have You Reduced Or Eliminated Any Medications?

F. What encouragement do you want to share with those either just starting Betr or are still skeptical?

Once you're done, email your video to [email protected] using the subject: "My Video".

We will send you a confirmation email with your code to the store within 48 hours.

Check out Chad's testimony!

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