“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
― Benjamin Franklin

We promise meal prepping isn't as daunting a task as it may seem. When you prepare meals in advance, you’re saving time, stress and money while reducing your chances of giving into daily temptations. Your week is already hectic and busy, so make your snacks and meals one less thing you have to think about. 

Most clients are truly amazed at the amount of hidden stress that disappears once they have a solid plan.  After you do this once or twice, it will become second nature and a seamless part of your routine. We're building betr lifestyle habits here!

Step 1 - Before You Head To The Grocery Store

To get into the habit of meal prepping, start by using this worksheet we've created to help visualize your weekly meals. Using the Level 1 food list, create your own recipes or use one of our Betr pre-approved recipes, found in the resources section online.

Meal prepping looks different from one person to the next. It could be that you love to grill, or use the Crock-Pot to cook meals in bulk for leftovers. Many clients start small just prepping lunches. If you know you will be eating out, right down where you will be eating and let your coach know in advance, and they’ll help review the menu beforehand. We’re here to help you make betr choices.

Feeling overwhelmed? We've mapped out 7 day meal plans and shopping lists for you! They can be found in the resources section in your membership portal. Here are some meal plans for Level 1. 

Step 2 - Gathering Your Tools

Now that you know what meals you will be eating, is time to write out a grocery list and determine what other supplies you may need. If you can't find something specific in the store, most things can be found on Amazon!

Things like... 

  • If you don't already, please invest in containers/Tupperware to portion out your meals so they are easily accessible to grab and go. Keep in mind that you want to be eating until you are full and satisfied so no need to be excessively restrictive about your portions. 

  • If your daily schedule varies, always have a snack on hand for emergencies. Even if it is just a handful of almonds, it's important to maintain stable energy and blood glucose levels throughout the day. 

  • Using appliances like a Crock-Pot or InstaPot makes cooking large amounts of food simple and easy. 

  • Adding spices and herbs to your meals will help switch things up and keep your food from being boring. Picking up ingredients like liquid Stevia and Bragg's dressings are a great way to flavor or sweeten your meals, and are also used in many of our recipes.  

Always remember BETR

  • Bulk up - Stocking up on bulk amounts of food, like frozen fruits, will help the next time you meal prep. If you are cooking for a family, try recipes like that you can make in bulk to feed everyone plus have some to freeze as leftovers. Great examples are the meatballs, sloppy joes, meatloaf, beef chili, and vegetable Crock-Pot stew.

  • Easy - Keep it simple and reduce prep time by purchasing triple washed, pre-cut greens; just open the bag and you are ready to go. Use cherry tomatoes or pre-diced veggies so you do not have to do extra cutting. 

  • VarieTy- Make sure that your meals have enough variety, especially with the protein. Your body uses different enzymes to digest different foods, so rotating your foods ensures the best results. 

  • Raw- When it comes to vegetables, make at least 70% of them raw and always have a bit of raw veggies whenever you have cooked food. The naturally occurring enzymes in raw vegetables help break down your cooked food, aiding in digestion. And raw veggies are more nutrient dense than cooked veggies. 

Eat smarter.  Live betr.

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