You start with the best of intentions and then suddenly you get cold feet.  How can you do this program?  How can you possibly fit a gut health reset into your life that has a more-than-full-time job with long and unpredictable hours?  

It can and has been done successfully by many clients before you.  We have had ER doctors, nurses, police, firefighters, teachers, traveling sales clients all fit Betr into their lives.  The key to success is preparation.  Yes, that sounds obvious but without a plan and foods prepared that are ready and accessible, the best of intentions will wilt and become drive-thru disasters.  You can do this!  Here's how:

Shopping Made Easy

  • Pre-washed dark leafy greens for salads (in bags or boxes) for Mason jar salads

  • Rotisserie chicken - pulled apart and used for mason jar salads or a dinner protein

  • Pre-washed/cut veggies and fruits available in grocery stores to shorten prep time

  • Utilize salad bars in grocery stores to create fast salads (for the week/or while traveling)

  • Bag of apples for snacks (easy to carry and don't require refrigeration)

  • Buy bulk ground beef and chicken (store in smaller portion-sized zip lock baggies and freeze - ready to go for fast Betr recipes)

  • Bulk shop for basic staples one time/every other month (broth, seasonings, tomato paste, etc)

  • Use our meal plans & shopping lists with online grocery shopping/ordering and pick up after work for prep weekend streamlining.

Prep for Success

  • Set aside a few hours each weekend to plan, shop, and prep--this little time investment reaps significant health rewards for the week! 

  • Carry a cooler in your car or to work to store "ready to eat" foods

  • Portion out pre-cut veggies and fruits in small containers or ziplock baggies to grab when time opens up

  • Have raw unsalted almonds and walnuts in a ziplock bag on hand to keep in your pocket/purse/desk as a fast snack

  • Portion out some grilled, cut chicken chucks or a pre-peeled hard-boiled egg for fast protein

  • Use mason jar salads each day for lunch to keep things simple and portable with no heating necessary.

  • Lastly, set reminders on your phone every 2-3 hours to prompt you to drink water and eat--even a few bites makes all the difference.  There may not be time for a full meal, but eating will keep you energized, satisfied and stabilize your blood glucose levels, in turn preventing fierce cravings triggered by starvation mode.

Remember, your health is worth this effort and there is no price tag for feeling and looking your best!

Eat smarter.  Live Betr.

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