There are actually three types of stress. Each type leads to another, creating a dangerous downward spiral of poor health. But so many people limit their definition of stress to worry or anxiety, ignoring physical and chemical stress altogether! The good news is that while each type of stress intensifies the others, the opposite is also true. Thus, identifying and addressing the three major types can help you lose weight, sleep better, lower your blood pressure or cholesterol, stabilize your blood sugar and give you more energy than you have had in years.

Type 1: Mental Stress

Every negative thought causes a series of reactions in the body.


• Trouble Sleeping
• Increased Abdominal Fat
• High Blood Pressure
• Depression or Anxiety
• Excessive Hunger
• “Laziness” or Fatigue
• Impaired cognitive performance
• Suppressed thyroid function
• Blood Sugar Imbalances
• Suppressed immune system
• Inflammation
• Decreased bone density

Type 2: Toxic Stress

In 2010, the US Government released a statement acknowledging that endocrine disrupting toxins found in everyday products can damage the body. There are currently 84,000 chemicals used in consumer products with 700 new ones introduced each year. Chemicals are just the start. Simple sugars, harmful foods like raw soy, heavy metals and even harmful internal reactions all contribute to the toxic load on our bodies.


• Allergies
• Skin Conditions
• Weight Gain
• Difficulty Losing Weight
• Hair Loss
• Cancer
• Anxiety/Depression
• Digestive Issues
• Heartburn
• Headaches
• Depression
• Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
• Trouble Sleeping
• Low Energy

Type 3: Physical Stress

Physical stress is when your body becomes damaged due to wear or trauma. Perhaps you blew your back out from years of bad posture or lifting heavy objects. Maybe you broke a bone while playing a sport or got in a bad car accident. Physical stress usually manifests itself through pain.


• Aches & Pain
• Changes in body’s structure, movement or range of motion
• Issues with organs, limbs or other body parts


In an effort to lose weight, we turn to working out or go on strict diets. These cause a great deal of physical stress on the body, but do not address the thyroid issue and in turn, do not produce results. Deteriorating health, coupled with the demoralizing effects of weight gain, brings on mental stress followed by feelings of anxiety and helplessness. This stress causes additional weight gain. With eroding health and nowhere else to turn, individuals look to prescription medications as a means to fix their problems. Since now they have more than one problem , they get more than one pill, putting loads of toxic stress on the body and the cycle continues…


The dilemma that we just explained could have started with anything from a stressful day, to a sprained ankle and even a bottle of water from the family pantry, but the spiral doesn’t stop there. Once each type of stress is activated, they continually feed into each other, causing a person’s health to decay. There are a vast number of ways that this can happen. The following are few really quick examples.

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