When in a rush, hungry and need to grab a quick bite to eat, going to a fast food establishment can seem like the best solution. Sound like a familiar situation? When hangry and in a hurry, we don't have time to sit and question the ins-and-outs of the food we order. Well, the Center for Food Safety did that for us... and the results are eye opening.

The Center for Food Safety analyzed the beef used in burgers at the top fast food burger joints. Out of 25 restaurants, 23 did not claim to use beef that was raised without the use of antibiotics.

Why is this bad?

An antibiotic is a drug used to fight and kill off dangerous microorganisms that cause infection. Like humans, animals who are exposed to antibiotics repeatedly, can build an antibiotic resistance, making the drug useless and ineffective. Exposure to antibiotics, even small, over time leaves an animal unable to fight off infections. This is then carried on to you, the consumer. Now not only are you building up your own antibiotic resistance, but could contract whatever infection the animal extracted along the way.

Antibiotics, despite being easily accessible, should not be taken unless completely necessary. They work to kill or prevent the growth of all bacteria in the gut. This means all good and bad bacteria get completely wiped out in hopes to kill off that one strain that may be causing you to be sick. Your gut is its own ecosystem and it is always important to keep replenishing the good bacteria by taking probiotics, and especially crucial after consuming antibiotics. Have you ever experienced abnormal constipation after taking antibiotics for just a couple days? The imbalance in gut microbiota that antibiotics cause directly affects how you digest food, ultimately slowing it down. This is also happening when unknowingly consuming small amounts of antibiotics over a long period of time. Always be sure to take a daily high quality probiotic, and especially after finishing physician prescribed antibiotics.

The list of fast food establishments that failed include...


Burger King


Jack in the Box



Carl's Jr

Five Guys


Steak 'n Shake

In-N-Out Burger

White Castle




So what do you do?

The biggest thing you can do is avoid restaurants and products that refuse to disclose whether or not their beef is sourced from cows raised without antibiotics. Whether you are out to eat or at the grocery store this is something to keep in mind when making betr decisions! When in doubt, substitute beef for grilled chicken or veggies in it's place!

This is where meal planning really comes into play. Avoid resorting to fast food all together by having your meals and snacks planned out in advance and leave little to question. Always have a snack on deck, like fruit and nut mix, when out and about to easily eat on the go!  

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