An IBS flare up is debilitating and painful.  Anyone who has experienced life with IBS knows it is worth changing their eating lifestyle to avoid recurring symptoms.  The betr food protocol focuses on a digestive reset, creating a low inflammation environment for healthy flora to populate and heal your GI tract and has successfully helped people avoid chronic IBS flare ups.

When a flare up of painful symptoms does occur, it is important to modify your meals to allow your body time to heal.  The best approach is cut all caffeinated products, bake some chicken or fish (lean proteins), focus on cooked veggies and fruits (no skins or fibrous veggies) in smaller portions, light salt, minimal oil and no spicy seasonings.  

Sample meal plan for IBS flare up:
am snack:  egg whites and a baked apple
lunch:  baked chicken with cooked asparagus tips
pm snack:  banana or seasonal fresh melon
dinner:  broiled fish and cooked spinach

Avoiding sugar, fat, sodium, caffeine, alcohol and raw high fiber veggies should reduce pain while allowing time to heal, letting you feel back to normal quickly.

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