We understand that life gets busy. Whether you are on a weekend trip, in the car all day, or just not able to take a lunch break, here are some easy, convenient and healthy snacks and meal options for on the go!

Level 1 Snacks:

  • Pre-cut veggies - celery sticks, cucumber slices, pepper slices, and cherry tomatoes are easy to stick in a baggie and carry with you.

  • Fruit - Apples and clementines are small and easily transportable. 

  • Raw Almonds and/or Walnuts - Good protein options if you aren't able to get in a solid meal for several hours. 

  • Boiled Eggs - Eat them plain or add them to a salad if you don't have any chicken or beef available. 

  •  Salad Bar - Most Whole Foods and Harris Teeters have a salad bar, where you can get pre-cut veggies and several types of lettuce. 

  • Rotisserie Chicken - No need to spend time grilling or baking, just get a rotisserie chicken and you are set for several meals. 

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