Wedding season is a great time to celebrate and enjoy spending time with loved ones. Love it or loathe it, wedding season is a shake-up to your routine. Though an overall healthy diet can include occasional indulgences, when you attend many weddings in the span of a few months, all the extra food and drink calories can really add up.  In the midst of all the wedding fun, healthy plans often get pushed aside. The following tips will keep you connected to your goals — even in the face of all the delicious food!

  1. Do something active or workout in the morning: You can go for a walk or go to a fitness class. This will clear your mind, helping you feel calm, centered, and more in control of your choices later in the day.

  2. Eat before: Make sure to have a healthy meal before the wedding so you are not tempted to go overboard and eat too much.

  3. Choose wisely: When eating at the wedding, try to stay away from the carbs (pasta, bread) and go for protein (fish, chicken, meat) and some veggies.

  4. Practice portion control: If you are going to indulge in some cake, or cupcakes pace yourself. Rather than grabbing a bunch of things, decide what you absolutely want to try. Look for mini desserts and pick just a few favorites. You can also share with a pal or your date. Fill your plate with fresh berries.

  5. Don’t drink or pace yourself: limit yourself to one drink per hour, alternating alcohol with water. If you have too many drinks, your inhibitions will be lowered, and you'll be more likely to overindulge in a way you wouldn't if sober.

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