We at Betr Health omit chewing gum for several reasons.  Gum can often increase cravings and offset the very action you are trying to achieve- training your body to receive food on a general schedule thus maintaining a stabilized blood glucose level in order in order to effectively utilize stored calories and not prepare the body for constant consumption of further calories.  We also are trying to stick to all foods and ingredients that nourish our system.  Sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners, and stabilizers are hard on our bodies. 

This omission is difficult if we simply want fresh breath.   We can turn to two alternatives.  Tea Tree Oil toothpicks are a great way of promoting fresh breath.  These can be found at most health food store and are available on Amazon.  They come in mint and cinnamon.  Another idea is including fresh mint leaves in your food and water and eating them after your meal.  

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