You may, at some time during your plan, reach a natural plateau when there is no weight loss for 2-3 days. A natural plateau occurs after following the level 1 protocol according to plan and it is especially common in people that have been losing an average of half a pound to a pound per day. It generally happens during the second week and simply means your body needs a rest. A natural plateau is actually a positive sign that your body is rebalancing to your new lower weight. This type of plateau will correct itself and does not mean that you are no longer responding to the program. Over time you will learn that your body has a natural rhythm on how it releases weight. Some people may be consistent and lose in fractions of pounds while others will lose a pound then plateau. It all averages out over the course of the program. It is also an important observation to take note of because a stubborn plateau may lead to learning about food sensitivities that you may not have been aware of prior to starting the program. 

If you have reached a plateau because you have not been following the level 1 protocol it is so important to connect with your coach immediately. They will recommend food combinations to get you back on track. Recovering from a minor setback without delay is key and makes all the difference in moving forward with your program.

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