Here are the top tips for your second week on the program:

1 - Go Raw.
The naturally occurring enzymes in raw fruits and vegetables aid in the digestive process and help breakdown cooked foods. This means that 70% of your fruits and veggies should be eaten raw. Each day consume at least one large mixed salad plus veggies from the food list.  Add a small side salad when eating cooked veggies. Eat whole fruits instead of juiced to get additional fiber.

2 - Rotate Your Foods.
The more you mix up food combinations the better. Your body uses different enzymes to breakdown different foods so improve results try eating two different proteins daily and alternating fruits and veggies. This approach helps keep you on a steady path forward.  

3 - Eat All Meals and Snacks.
As you get further into the program and your body is releasing stored fat at a steady pace, you may start to lose your appetite. It is very important to eat all meals and snacks otherwise your body will begin to hold onto the fat instead of releasing it.  

4 - Build your support team.
It is important that your friends and family members are helping you and supporting your on your way to a Betr Lifestyle. This will make it more fun and easier for your during the program.

5 - Monitor Your Sleep.
The largest purification cycle happens overnight so sleeping soundly plays an important role in the fat burning process. If you have trouble falling or staying asleep, start to drink the adrenal cocktail an hour before bedtime for at least two weeks.  You will start sleeping soundly after a few days. The adrenal cocktail recipe is located in the the recipes area!  

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