Betr Tip: Share the details of the restaurant you'll be dining in to receive meal recommendations from your coach (given a 24-hour notice) or message in the insta-chat for a quicker response. We realize that life happens and you may not have time to consult with your coach beforehand; therefore, here is a list of tips to help you stay on track.

Betr Tip: Bring your Liquid Aminos spray for a quick salad dressing option.

You've prepped your food, you've planned your week, you're ready to go. Then, life happens and plans change. Not to worry, you can still stay on the Betr track and make good food decisions when dining out, you just have to order accordingly. 

In general, we recommend ordering a fillet mignon, steamed veggies and a side salad when available (ask for lemon wedges on the side for a dressing). Alternatively, ask for grilled chicken plain (no seasonings or sauces) to add to a salad. 

Here are a list of restaurant types and recommended options:

  • Italian - Italian restaurants can be tricky, but you can still find decent options. Most  have a house salad option - opt for romaine, tomatoes, cucumbers and hold the cheese, croutons and dressing. Pick lemon slices on the side to dress. For the main entree, choose a steak when possible, asking to be grilled plain and have steamed veggies as your side (skip the mashed potatoes and pasta). You may also have a white fish option on the menu, just make sure to ask to have without butter, sauces and seasonings, which just amplify the fat and sodium of the dish.

  • Mexican - In general, your best bet in a Mexican restaurant is to have steak or chicken fajitas grilled plain without seasonings. Typically, the grilled veggies are peppers and onions, so that is a good choice if they are grilled plain without seasonings. Order a small side salad, too, the enzymes in the raw lettuce help break down the enzymes in the cooked foods. Just skip the tortillas, chips and margaritas. 

  • Breakfast / Brunch - Skip the biscuits and instead go for a 3-egg white omelette with veggies on the side. Ask to cook the omelette without butter or seasonings. When ordering fruit, ask for berries and no melon. 

  • Pub / Burger Joint - Who said you couldn't eat pub food and still eat healthy? While onion rings, calamari and tater tots are not on the menu, you can still pick a decent option. Try a burger with no bun, wrapped in romaine or just over a green salad of lettuce, tomato and cucumber (ask to skip the cheese and croutons). Better yet, high end pubs and breweries often have a filet mignon or similar option, so be sure to check out all of the options. 

  • Sushi - You don't have to completely avoid sushi restaurants. Do you like sashimi? White fish sashimi is a great option, you can have a little fresh ginger with it and a splash of low-sodium tamari sauce (a gluten-free soy sauce option that most sushi restaurants have as an option)

While eating out does create less of a controlled situation than when you are preparing food in your own home, there are still plenty of options for staying on track. Happy eating! :)

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