If you are on a plateau here are some additional items that may be impacting your results: 

Cause: Feeling gas, bloat or uncomfortable
Tip: Check your foods to determine if you have been eating raw onions or cabbage over the past few days. If yes, eliminate them for 1-2 days to see if you feel better. Sometime its helps to spread out the consumption of these foods. Also, drinking too much mineral water may be another culprit so limit to 8 oz. per day. 

Cause:  Consuming hidden salt
Tip: Many times premixed spices and broths contain hidden ingredients like salt. Read the label carefully and check the sodium content. You may be surprised to see sodium well over 100 mg. Use fresh, dry, or frozen organic spices and broths with no/low sodium or sugar added.

Cause: Consuming hidden sugar additives
Tip: Read food labels carefully for anything that contains natural or artificial flavors, especially items like flavored waters, herbal teas and flavored coffees. These items may contain hidden sugar alcohol or other sugar additives. Use beverages flavored with organic spices like cinnamon or ginger. Infuse water with fresh fruits or vegetables like lemon, lime, cucumber or orange slices.

Cause: Drinking too much fruit juice instead of whole fruits
Tip: Eating whole fruits daily ensures you are getting enough soluble fiber.  Consume a whole fruit with 16 oz. of water and the Release supplement at snack time. This helps with satiety, reduces constipation, and the soluble fiber helps pull fat and toxins from your body.

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